BMW Baby Racer III

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For the young, young child in your life, their very own BMW, the ultimate driving machine!  This  Baby Racer III boasts the look of a sporty BMW with standard equipment.  From (non-working) headlights and tail-lights, three exhaust pipes and high gloss hood and trunk sporting the BMW logo, the soft comfortable seat is a great ride for your 1 to 3 year old child while the noise-cancelling rubber tires are great for you.  An ergonomically optimized steering wheel allows for ease of turning and it comes complete with a working horn so you can be assured you will be informed when you need to get out of the way.  An added bonus, it comes with a tow rope attachment in the front for when your child has had enough and you are only halfway around the block (rope not included). At 28" long X 13" wide, the seat is just 9" from the ground for even the shortest legs. And it's lightweight, for ease of transport.

BMW of Cincinnati North

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