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A Love Story 130 years in the making.  A young whiskey man named his Bourbon after the occasion where his true love said "yes" with a corsage of four red roses.  Fast forward to today.  Take one sip and you will discover Four Roses is like no other.  Handcrafted artistry makes these three bottles unique in their own light.  The Single Barrel is complex, full-bodied and surprisingly smooth with a delicate long finish that's unbelievably mellow.  Small Batch comes from four original and limited bourbon recipes which have been expertly selected to create a very mellow and perfectly balanced drink.  Four Roses Bourbon is smooth and mellow with its long and soft finish.  The bottles are signed by Brent Elliott, Master Distiller and dated 2018.  Add a Deluxe Cocktail Mixer, two old fashioned glasses, two coasters, all with logos, and a shot glass.  All of this is packaged in a basket which includes the book Four Roses:  The Return of a Whiskey Legend - a book filled with folklore, adventure, family feuds and romance.

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