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Are you interested in promoting your community and saving historic sites at the same time?   History In Your Own Backyard is a regional database featuring videos of historic sites in our neighborhoods.  Be the high bidder and they will produce a 10 minute documentary video on your historic home, church, commercial building, or any other historic site within 50 miles of Cincinnati.

Once the video has been completed, it will be posted on YouTube, included in their regional video database, placed on an interactive Google Maps page and will eventually be archived at the State Library for future generations to view.

The property owner will receive a master copy of the video. With over 200 documentaries produced, History In Your Own Backyard is building a database of documentary videos on historic sites for generations to come.   History In Your Own Backyard wants the history in all our backyards before these jewels disappear forever.

Certificate expires December 31, 2018.

History In Your Own Back Yard LLC

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Auction Date: 04/26/2018

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