Luciana Vega

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Houston, Luciana has landed!  Meet American Girl's doll 2018 girl of the year.  She is a girl with a head for science and her heart set on exploring Mars and she's here for 2018 and beyond.  As described in her accompanying books, Luciana  Vega is an 11 year old of Chilean descent who won a scholarship to Space Camp and dreams of being the first person to fly to Mars.  Her story, overall design and accessories were designed with the advice of a NASA astronaut and the director of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, home to U.S. Space Camp.  She comes with a nebula-patterned dress and silver iridescent shoes and her dark brown hair comes with a streak of purple, representing her creativity.  Playsets, clothing and accessories are available but as the "Girl of the Year" 2018, they are only available through the end of the year.    

Mary Ellen Sullivan

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