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Be the envy of al your friends.  The 14" stoneware round handle serving tray trimmed in red is embossed with the iconic Maker's Mark logo embossed in the center.  Great for serving guests at your next event or as an addition to your bar collection, the tray is a hard to find item made by the Stoneware Company in Louisville.  Along with the tray is a 750ml bottle of Maker's 46, the top hand-dipped bourbon from their distillery in Loretto, Kentucky.  Created in 2010 by Bill Samuels, Jr, Chairman Emeritus of Maker's Mark, the 94 Proof bourbon has hints of French oak, caramel and sweetness  with a very intense taste of wood blending nicely with complex rich notes of vanilla and caramel giving it a smooth and subtle finish.  An innovative wood stave finishing process starts with fully matured Maker's Mark at cask strength,  The cask is opened and several seared virgin French oak staves are inserted, the barrel resealed and it is then allowed to finish for a few more weeks in their limestone cellar.  The result is a bolder and more complex flavor but without the bitterness of longer aged whiskeys.  Drink it neat, over ice or as the base of your favorite mixed drink at your next event.

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