Oriental Rug

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Could one of your rooms use a unique and colorful addition? It was hand-crafted in Peshawar, Pakistan, an ancient capital of trade and world culture. The luxurious wool pile which is soft and supple, is made of high mountain, hand-spun wool and cotton. 


Powerful color, bold symbols, and ornate detail add to its stylistic richness. Its bright, jewel-toned accents of red and blue come from natural dyes obtained from vegetables. The rug is completed with Turkish ghouride and symmetrical knots. It measures at 8’1”x9’10”.


No matter what its color, scale, origin or pattern, a good-quality an Oriental rug never goes out of style, and it works with just about any décor – that sums up this beautiful piece.

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Auction Date: 04/26/2018

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