Paranormal Investigation

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If you’re dying to spend an evening with spirits from the 1800’s, this item is for you!  The Butler County Historical Society offers you and nine of your friends the opportunity to participate in a paranormal investigation.  The Society utilizes several historic sites such as the Benninghofen House and The Little Red School House to engage interested visitors. 

You can be part of a paranormal investigation at the Benninghofen House located in Hamilton, Ohio, which is said ‘to be alive with spirits’. Built in 1863, this house is believed to be inhabited by numerous spirits, including a Civil War general and a Native American war chief. This three hour investigation will introduce your group to these spirits and is guaranteed to send chills up your spine! 

This item expires December 31, 2018.

Butler County Historical Society

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Auction Date: 04/28/2018

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