Pick Up & Pay

If you are a winning bidder of an item, you can either pick up your item at our CET Studios in Cincinnati during Pick Up & Pay (April 25 – April 28) or prepay for your items and pick them up at our ThinkTV Studios in Dayton during Pick Up & Pay (May 6 – May 10). Prepaid gift certificates can be mailed.

CET Studios Pick Up & Pay
1223 Central Parkway in Cincinnati

Thursday, April 25, between 4pm and 8pm
Friday, April 26, between 4pm and 8pm
Saturday, April 27, between 4pm and 8pm
Sunday, April 28, between 10am and 4pm

ThinkTV Studios Pick Up & Pay (Prepaid Only)
110 South Jefferson Street in Dayton

Monday, May 6, between 9am and 5pm
Tuesday, May 7, between 9am and 7pm
Wednesday, May 8, between 9am and 5pm
Thursday, May 9, between 9am and 5pm
Friday, May 10, between 9am and 5pm

Winning Bidders MUST pick up their item(s) or secure them with a credit card by Sunday, April 28, 2019, by 4:00pm or the next highest bidder will be contacted for those items. 

If you come to Pick Up & Pay in Cincinnati, don’t forget to check out Charlie’s Bargain Barn for additional deals you won’t see on air. The bargain barn is open during Pick Up & Pay hours.