Anti Bullying Program

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Learn how the Freedom of Speech and the Golden Rule can stop bullying.  The program, known as Mushin-The Art of Self-Control, teaches students how to stop bullying by themselves and the teachers how to help those that can’t.  Students will learn how to role play different scenarios to build their self-confidence and create better social and communication skills.  This program will teach the students clear, direct ways to deal with a bully. 


McDuffie Strickland will bring this program to any location within a 50 mile radius of downtown Cincinnati or you can bring your group to his Cheviot studio. It is perfect for the 1st through 8th grades along with parents and teachers.  He will present to a small group or a whole school assembly.  The class will be scheduled on mutually agreed upon date.


Statistics show that children who resist bullying properly are far less likely to be victimized by it. We are all better without bulling.


Certificate expires April 30, 2020.

Cincinnati Martial Arts Club

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Auction Date: 04/27/2019

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