Spend a leisurely day with a few friends. Begin downtown at the Taft Museum of Art where you can use these 4 admission tickets.  The Taft Museum of Art, a National Historic Landmark,  holds one of the finest collections from the middle ages through the late 19th century including masterworks by Turner, Raeburn, Whistler and more.  Then, with this $25 gift card, head on over to the Bowtie Cafe in Mt. Adams, where they focus on bringing friends together over the finest coffee as well as delicious bistro fare.  Top it off with a trip to one of Cincinnati's many parks and spread out this  Oniva tote - a 100% polyester fleece 70" x 80" blanket with a water resistant underside and enjoy the sunset. Afterwards, tell your friends all about your day out using one of the parks notecards.

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